About Us

We’re a 30-something couple looking for adventure on the road, at least, that’s the plan. And what better way to see the country than from the comfort of a Shasta? Folks that know us are surprised we didn’t go vintage, but I wasn’t crazy about another major project, and after reviewing the materials and layout of the reissue, it passed the test.

The current tow-rig is a 1987 Suburban equipped with a Pull-Rite hitch. This special hitch arrangement (that can swing just about 180-degrees and pivots about the axle) previously pulled my grandparents rig that was over twice the length of the Shasta. With a couple modifications to accommodate the shortened tongue on the Shasta, I can’t say enough good things about it. Our Fall ’16 trial trip was a success, and with the majority of camper projects complete, we’re looking forward to hitting the road in ’17 after a long Midwest winter. A future page to chronicle these adventures just may be in order!

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